Sportsmanship Seminars: Quick answers

Pursuing Victory With Honor

Sportsmanship Seminars: Quick answers


What will I learn in a Sportsmanship Seminar?

  • How to design character-developing activities that can be integrated into sports programs as well as recruiting, training, and evaluation programs
  • How to teach, enforce, advocate, and model good sportsmanship (the T.E.A.M. approach).
  • How to respond effectively to challenges and questions from student athletes, fans, officials, parents, and colleagues
  • How to develop effective character-development interventions that are consistent, concrete, and creative
  • How the common-language approach embodied in the Six Pillars of Character and principled reasoning strategies provide a powerful means of overcoming political and ideological objections
  • How to use and modify the provided lesson plans and activity ideas
  • About the CHARACTER COUNTS! Coalition and the opportunities for collaboration it offers

What other training options are available?

Anyone can attend an open-enrollment Sportsmanship Seminar. Or your organization can contract a seminar or workshop. We can customize a program to suit your needs. Learn more »

What benefits and resources do I get?

  • A variety of materials, including administrative tools and resources, PowerPoint presentations, and models
  • Follow-up consultation and support
  • Limited class size
  • Activity guides and proven strategies
  • CHARACTER COUNTS! publications
  • Certification of completion
  • Networking opportunities through roster of graduates
  • Discounts on CHARACTER COUNTS! materials

Who should attend?

  • Athletic directors
  • Coaches
  • Youth sports leaders
  • Officials
  • Counselors

Who is on the faculty?

All members of the national faculty are certified experts in the Pursuing Victory With Honor framework and have extensive experience both in working with young people and in implementing successful programs in the field. These trainers conduct a variety of customized workshops as well as two-day certification seminars. Our distinguished PVWH faculty includes:

Are you affiliated with major sports programs?

Nearly every major amateur sports organization has endorsed the Pursuing Victory With Honor Arizona Sports Summit Accord.